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In the present day, there are two types of shopping modes: real store shopping and virtual/online shopping.
In real store shopping, the prospective customer goes to real stores in the commercial district or the mall. He buys the product or service he needs or wants either through cash or credit card. He enjoys a lot of social interaction and entertainment values in this type of shopping mode especially when he is in a large mall. He can enjoy the company of his family, friends and career colleagues when he is going around the shopping district.
In virtual or online shopping, there is the convenience of shopping anywhere from your PC or laptop (with an internet connection). This is a desired shopping mode option especially when you reside in a remote area with no major mall and you cannot find the products that you need in your area. And the bought product is delivered right to your doorstep.
In online shopping, before you buy the product, you have the convenience of research wherein you can check product reviews, compare prices from different shopping websites. But be sure to buy from a reputable online vendor whose site is secure and the payment system is tamper-free. You should also review the product return policy of the website. For your own protection, print or save to your hard drive a copy of the order confirmation in case of possible future disputes. Saving a picture of the original product also helps especially if the item delivered looks different or is damaged in some way upon delivery.
One thing online shopping cannot replace is the social interaction and entertainment value one gets from real store shopping. Malls these days usually have artists and performers liven up the atmosphere of the place while the shoppers go around.
A new phenomenon now that shopping websites do is they become members of social networking sites such as Facebook. There, they entice potential customers to be their friends/fans with the end goal of these people to visit their own websites and then purchase their products online.
Also be wary if you are fond of using electronic coupons online. Some shopping sites use these coupons as their statistical indicators of the tendency of individual internet users to shop online for certain products. Once they determine that you are a good target customer for a certain product, they will bombard you with unwanted e-mails and pop-up advertisements about the product which they think you will buy.
Have you realized that there are certain services which online shopping cannot provide? Such simple things such as having a haircut, enjoying a good massage, teeth cleaning at the dentist, a medical check-up at your physician’s clinic. In due time, the online geniuses will think of something.

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