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Business which is an activity performed for profit, has been aligned with human existence ever since time immemorial. At the start, since the concept of money was still unheard of, people who have lots of something, for example, the fur of animals, would barter part of their stock for a certain quantity of food like corn cereal. It means that people then, if they lack something, in order to acquire it, would exchange something for it that they have an excess of.
Then minerals like gold and silver were thought of as modes of payment. And much later, because of the need for a more accurate payment of goods acquired, money or currency came about.
There are basically two types of businesses: the product-based business and the service business.
The product-based business needs a product or a group of products that are viable to be sold to people. There are many things to consider when starting this business like is your capital adequate; do you need partners; the location of your business; can your existing market sustain your business over the long term; do a lot of people need the product? Examples of this type of business are a supermarket, hardware and a pharmacy.
The service business sells an intangible idea unlike the product-based business, which has a tangible or physically present product to sell. Examples of this type of business are a car repair shop, a medical clinic and a law firm.
People say it is bad to start a business in a recession. It is a myth. It is studied that about 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies started their business in a bear market. Hewlett Packard was born in the Great Depression. McDonald’s served its first hamburger before the onset of World War II.
Microsoft and Apple were initiated during the Carter administration when stagflation floundered the economy. Adobe and Compaq withstood the recession of 1982. Facebook and Twitter are success stories from the dotcom bust of 2001-2002.
The latest trend in business these days is the business of selling virtual objects on the internet: virtual coins, pets, avatars and bling – literally creating something in an electronic form and then selling it. Business soothsayers say this type of business will take the world by storm in the next five years. Psychologically, virtual objects create value because of the need of a lot of people for self-expression. A person has on online crush and he pays for a one dollar virtual flower and sends it online to the object of his passion because he feels it best symbolizes his love.
These success stories could just go on and on. The GTA BUSINESS DIRECTORY is the most appropriate vehicle to place your business ads when you are doing your entrepreneurship in the Greater Toronto Area GTA. This territory has such a varied and lucrative citizenscape that you can be sure that your ad will capture a niche in the market.
For starters, avail of our FREE LISTING. We post your business ad for FREE in an effective span of 45 days. The better option to choose it is Super Listing and Basic Listing. They will newer expire and the community will know about your business organization.
Be a part of the GTA BUSINESS DIRECTORY and you will be amazed!

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