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Do you know what is a blog or a weblog? If you are technology savvy, you will know what it is. But if you are not, it is usually a personalized account on the internet by a writer on a topic in which he is knowledgeable. Why “usually”? Because a blog can also have topics wherein the writer knows nothing about. In the blog, he asks questions looking for answers from the reader.
Thus, the diary or journal is to the bygone generation while its counterpart in the present day is the blog. A blog is updated regularly. It could be everyday, every week or every month. No rules control the blog writer. He has the freedom to write about anything he chooses. Only difference with the diary/journal is that the blog has a much wider audience: THE INTERNET USERS.
Anyone from the ordinary Joe to the most celebrated movie actor to the president of the country can write a blog.
If you are a blog writer and in your blog you are promoting a product or announcing your political beliefs or enumerating instructions for a tutorial and your target market are people living in the Greater Toronto area, we can be able to help you promote your blog.
We can do this through our helpful GREATER TORONTO AREA BUSINESS DIRECTORY. You can advertise your unique blog through our FREE LISTING. You do not pay for it and your advertisement for your blog will stay for 45 days after which it will expire.
We have also BASIC LISTING which comes before free listing. In this, the reciprocal link of your blog has random chances to appear on the first page of the BLOGS section.
In SUPER LISTING which comes before basic listing, the reciprocal link of your blog is displayed prominently after the heading BLOGS. Your advertisement also has random chances to be displayed on the home page of the GTA directory.
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